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Crypto Profitz review – Automated money site

Crypto profitz






Value for money



  • easy to use for beginers
  • 365 day money back guarantee
  • low price and one time price


  • hard to find one

Crypto Profitz review

Welcome everyone to my Crypto profitz written and video review, it’s a fully automated software app to make Crypto profits.

The 2 guys involved in this product are Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele, these guys are big names in this industry and have made some great products in the past.

Crypto Profitz is a fully automated software app that allows you to capitalize in the crypto boom and market, this app is cleverly designed to grab the attention of its audience with a site that looks good that you can create easily in this app.

Crypto profitz
Crypto profitz

This product is really simple, so there is no need to write a 5000-word article about each step, now after watching the demo video and teaser video as well as the sales video, what I have taken from this is that there is a video site section where you can create your crypto money site and it’s not that hard, there’s also a DFY section to make it even easier.

Before I get into all the features and what it does I just want to say that I have been in the crypto space for years and made a lot of money, but also lost a lot of money, if you are new to crypto then something like this is really good in my opinion as long as you don’t just spam the sites all day, you should market it together with more personalized content.

If you are not new to the crypto world, then something like this where you can add videos to a site to get them to the site and promote your other crypto opportunities that you are currently promoting.

Crypto profitz dashboard
Crypto profitz dashboard

There is an ADS builder section in case you want to create your ads from scratch instead, or you can use the DFY ads section where you can use the ads to monetize your video website and also add your links there to earn or promote other crypto opportunities.

So in a nutshell, you create a crypto site, and then while you are creating it you ass categories and in there you type in something like bitcoin news, then a whole bunch of videos will appear and you can just click to add each of them or all of them to your site, this will grab the attention of the visitors as they might be searching for bitcoin or crypto as its hot these days. 

When these visitors go onto your site there can be links there where you can make money or earn crypto depending on the opportunity, there are over 200 social platforms that you can market this newly created site to from the Crypto profitz platform.

Crypto profits money site
Crypto profits money site

You can create multiple sites of a whole bunch of different crypto’s and it would be fine to promote

Click here to see my youtube Crypto profitz review video where you will also see a demo video in there.

I recommend clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to see the sales page where there is tons of information about this product as well as a video for you to see to make an informed decision

You can also take it much further with some of the upgrades within the program to help you grab even more eyeballs and make even more money with this product.

There are the bonuses that they offer valued at $4485 excluding the ones that I have for you.

Crypto profitz bonus 1
Crypto profitz bonus 1
Crypto profitz bonus 2
Crypto profitz bonus 2
Crypto profitz bonus 3
Crypto profitz bonus 3
Crypto profitz bonus 4
Crypto profitz bonus 4
Crypto profitz bonus 5
Crypto profitz bonus 5

Powerful Blogging (A comprehensive guide all about powerful blogging you will learn about Affiliate marketing and Blogging, AdSense Tips for Bloggers, Basics, Blog Entrepreneur, and many more amazing tips for Blogging. you will also get free marketing tools to help your online business.)

Online money (A comprehensive guide all about online money, you will learn if you can make money online, learn to be your own boss, Easy ways to make money, work from home, and many other amazing things you should know about online money. you will also get free marketing tools to help you.)

Create your own unique online brand (here you will learn how to come up with the brand that is unique to you by discover and communicate your passion, what you should do once you have your brand etc. you will get free marketing tools as well here.)

Becoming an overnight Expert through IM (this bonus will walk you through the mindset and reason why becoming an expert in a field is good and how it will help you with your business, here is A step by step program to follow. you will get free marketing tools to help.)

Click here to see the sales page for Crypto profitz and you will be able to see more info about the product and also you will get all the amazing bonuses above 

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