Luno review

Luno Review










  • Easy to use
  • Security very good


  • High charges on bulk buying through the quick buy option

Luno Review

Check out my Luno Review to find out more about his Crypto wallet that everyone is talking about.

In this Luno Review, I will be showing you some of the key features as well as my personal experience with Luno.

The first thing you need to Know about A crypto wallet like Luno is that you have to secure it and verify it to the highest level.

Luno Review
Luno Review

From what I can remember since it was years ago that I did it there should be 3 stages of verification and once you become level 3 verified then you have no limits on how much you can send and withdraw.

There is also something called Google Authenticator that is really important to the security and safety of your wallet.

This Luno crypto wallet is really user-friendly and looks neat, the cryptocurrencies that are accepted in the wallet are clearly visible on the front dashboard.

Luno Review
Luno Review

There is something I really should mention and its one of the things that is negative with Luno and that’s when you want to buy crypto in large amounts DONT QUICK BUY you might lose a lot of money don’t ask me why even support could not tell me why the fees were so high.

A while ago I lost about R20 000+- making this mistake. You need to go through the exchange, not the quick buy option, the exchange is much better for larger amounts, smaller amounts should be fine like $100 or so but not thousands.

Luno review
Luno review

As mentioned above Luno does have its own Exchange where people buy and sell crypto, you can also exchange the crypto you have into your local currency that Luno supports. If you want to learn how to use the exchange it is not that hard but there are a few good youtube videos out there walking you through it.

Overall, I feel that Luno is A very good crypto wallet to use, it is one of the best I personally have used in the past. I highly recommend that you try it out as it’s free to use. I did this Review due to the rising interest in Crypto and also that there are so many wallets out there these days that it’s hard to navigate through them all.

If you do decide to use Luno after reading this comment below your experience with it would love to hear the feedback as im not as active on Luno as I used to be.

Here is A video Luno Review I did A while ago to help you out.

Click Here to see my Luno Review video to give you a more visual review

Luno does have a tiny rewards program honestly it’s not much, however, if you want to CLICK HERE to get there my code is HZXA7 use it if you want to thanks.

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